Comfy Cozy Witch

I’m Jennie Blonde, the Comfy Cozy Witch. As you’ve probably guessed, I like all things comfy, cozy, and witchy. I’ve been drawn to all things magical since childhood and have a love for hearth and home witchery. I enjoy brewing up all sorts of magick through ritual and spellwork in the kitchen, garden, office (where I’m a word witch by day!), house and home. I live in Pennsylvania with my three dogs, one son, and husband. When I’m not practicing, you’ll find me reading (I do a lot of this), writing, hiking, spending time in nature, meditating, sipping on coffee or tea, enjoying time with my family, or hosting my Comfy Cozy Witch podcast.

As a word witch, my first book on Hearth and Home Witchcraft released with Weiser Books last September. My debut picture book releases May, 2023. I also write middle grade fiction under another name. Grab yourself a cup of tea and get comfy, cozy, and witchy with me!

* My books are represented by Lauren Spieller at Folio Literary Management.